Music for people who love hearing stories.

"Each song is a journey."

"Beautiful and calming."

"There are no words to describe your beautiful music. I am absolutely moved."

 Musician and composer Jeff Chipman of Lisbon, Maine. Music for yoga studios, meditation, independent film, and podcasts. New album  The Bleak Midwinter  coming Fall 2016.

I’m Jeff Chipman. I'm a pianist and composer who has a lot to say...and I love using music to say it.
I'm inspired by the seasons. The resilience and rhythms.
Each of my songs is something different to the listener.
Sometimes it's a journey. Sometimes it's light for dark corners.

My album The Bleak Midwinter was released October 2016.

The Bleak Midwinter

Thoughts on "The Bleak Midwinter":
"The Bleak Midwinter is a collection of eight introspective pieces for solo piano written during the winter months of 2016. The songs begin as improvisations. Some are left as such and some are reworked into more formal compositions. In exploring the connection between music and the natural world I tried to invoke the pastoral and melancholic mood of the season but maintain an optimistic tone. I think of the pieces as stories; I invite each listener to create their own story as they listen. "-Jeff

Recorded just after a July thunderstorm
Threshold Jeff Chipman

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